Really excited to finally have this creepy little number up at David Barber’s Thrills, Kills ‘n’ Chaos. I have loved reading all the great stuff he’s collected over the years. Check it out here:


Last Word


Coming September 1st from Liam Sweeny and Joyride Press: Last Word, a charity anthology to benefit Nation Inside ( for prison reform.

Review: Urban Decay by Aidan Thorn


Urban Decay is the second short story collection from Aidan Thorn, and published by the boys over at Grit Fiction Ltd. From the lead in story, this collection draws the reader into a dimly lit world of low life thugs and shady enforcers. The hard hitting style and fast paced dialogue keeps the reader hooked to the last page. I found the depth of the characters refreshing and caught myself wanting these stories to be longer so I could spend more time with these terrible and terrifying people. Do yourself a favor and buy this book!

Review of The Corpse Role by Keith Nixon

I love a good police procedural as much as anyone, but it has to have something unique to keep me engaged. Keith Nixon’s The Corpse Role does all that and more. Mr. Nixon masterfully weaves a web of deception and intrigue that keeps the reader turning page after page until the end, where he throws a gut punch that leaves you wanting more. The story is told in a bracing dual timeline that keeps the narrative moving along at a brisk pace. With brilliant dialogue and noir soaked prose, this thriller hits the mark.

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