Down in the Devil Hole now available on Amazon

41mPPBbsZdL__SX351_BO1,204,203,200_A storm is headed for Bronson Kentucky and the power of its destruction will expose the darkness that lies buried just below the surface in this seemingly peaceful town.


Count Down to Release and Interview

2015 is basically in the bag, and as I look back over all the great things that have happened this year, I am most excited about what is yet to come. My short story collection Down in the Devil Hole will hit Amazon on December 19th marking the end of the creative process for this work and the beginning of its own life out there in the big ol world. Sniff, my little book is all grown up.

The boys over at Near to the Knuckle have been great and have made the publishing process, from cover design to editing, as easy as any I could hope for. To mark the release, they have put together an author interview with yours truly and added it to their newsletter.

If you want to know some stuff about my writing process and junk like that, give it a read. Oh and buy the book and give it a review, good or bad.


Coming Soon: Thuglit issue #19

When I finally decided to switch genres and started seriously trying to write crime fiction, I of course did my research. I combed the great wide interwebs for the very best outlets for these kinds of stories and when I found Thuglit, everything changed. Here, laid out on the page, were tales that hit like a gut punch and roared through my mind’s eye like a hotrod Grand Torino on the getaway from a bank robbery. At that moment, I told myself that someday I would polish my feeble meanderings enough to get my name on that cool ass cover.

Alright, I can die in peace now.


Do yourself a favor and buy this when it comes out.

Coyote Tears


Maria rode in darkness, crammed between a wheezing old man and a woman with two small children. The cargo area of the panel van was stuffed with overheated bodies, all wanting a new life in the States. It was blistering hot and the stench of sweat, body odor and exhaust was overwhelming. The Coyote Ramirez told the group the ride would take three hours, then it was just a short hike through the scrub brush to reach the border fence. He demanded five thousand dollars each for the trip, no exceptions. Read More

A Dark Ride to Hell


She was absolutely beautiful, and the last thing I needed in my life. I first saw her when I stepped out back of the restaurant to grab a quick smoke before my shift started. She was parked across the street, a low-slung vision in black and chrome. She was a 1969 Dodge Charger special edition and she was cherry. I could get ten grand for a car like that; more than half of what I make in a year washing dishes. Boosting that ride would set me and Debbie up, get us and the kid out of her mother’s house. Problem was, I don’t steal cars no more. Three years upstate put an end to that. Little Jillian was a baby when I went in and I just can’t risk goin back. I’d lose them both. Read More

A Man’s Job


Never send a boy to do a man’s job. Carter thought as he shuffled around in the dark. If Terry Mac had sent him to do the kill in the first place, he wouldn’t have been out there in the cold night, knee-deep in scrub brush looking for a shallow grave. Read More

The Tall Man and the Briefcase


They’re coming for me. I can hear their boots echo in the stairwell two floors down, heavy and pissed off. It was only a matter of time you know. There are only a handful of cheap motels in this town, and they knew I would be in one of them. Predictable, yeah, but then again I’m no professional. Trying to be one is what got me here in the first place. Read More

The Rejection Letter


“What tha hell do they mean, ‘Thank you for your submission but your story is not what our publication is looking for at this time.’ It’s a crime magazine. Don’t they want crime stories for Christ’s sake?” Easy T said clutching a letter in his massive fist. He stabbed the paper with a thick finger. “And this part really chaps my ass. ‘Although rich in detail, we didn’t feel the premise was believable?’ Fucking pricks!”

“Come on Easy, I told you not to get yourself all in a twist over this writin thing. We’re leg breakers not word makers. Now get your head outta your ass and get focused, there comes that little shit what owes Tony three large.” Read More

The Handlebar Mustache


“Welcome to the Emerald Pony my friend, what can I getcha?” the old barkeep asked as I sat down along the brass rail.

“I’ll have a pint and a shot please.” I took off my jacket and looked around. The place was empty except for a small gaggle of old timers sipping quietly in a booth near the door. Fabric shaded lights cast a ruddy glow over the dark wood paneling, giving the place an old world feel.

The bartender placed a foaming glass of Guinness down in front of me next to a generous shot of Jameson. “What brings you to Boston?” He said as he wiped down the beer tap.

“I look that much like a tourist?” I said.

He shrugged and turned to place some pint glasses on a shelf. I looked over his shoulder and saw a picture frame hanging next to the mirror. Inside was a perfectly preserved handlebar mustache.

“What the hell is that?” I asked.

“Ah, that my friend is quite a story.” He said without turning around. “Buy another round and I’ll indulge your curiosity.” Read More