Down in the Devil Hole now available on Amazon

41mPPBbsZdL__SX351_BO1,204,203,200_A storm is headed for Bronson Kentucky and the power of its destruction will expose the darkness that lies buried just below the surface in this seemingly peaceful town.


The Rejection Letter


“What tha hell do they mean, ‘Thank you for your submission but your story is not what our publication is looking for at this time.’ It’s a crime magazine. Don’t they want crime stories for Christ’s sake?” Easy T said clutching a letter in his massive fist. He stabbed the paper with a thick finger. “And this part really chaps my ass. ‘Although rich in detail, we didn’t feel the premise was believable?’ Fucking pricks!”

“Come on Easy, I told you not to get yourself all in a twist over this writin thing. We’re leg breakers not word makers. Now get your head outta your ass and get focused, there comes that little shit what owes Tony three large.” Read More

Dorothea Makes Her Rounds


Dorothea didn’t think of herself as an “angel of mercy”. She simply provided a badly needed service that benefited the patients, and their families. She had spent years watching grieving families hover over loved ones that would never recover, and the hospital struggle to find room for the sick. She remembered the first one like it was yesterday. Read More